Your Roof Needs TLC or You’ll End Up Buying a New One Sooner

Roof Repair

Roofing in NormanRoofing systems are made to last. Some, like copper, slate, and concrete, can last for up to a hundred years, while others, such as asphalt and fiberglass, have shorter lifespans, with most manufacturers giving them only around ten to twenty years.

The thing is, with proper and regular maintenance, TLC, and prompt repairs, you can actually extend your roof’s life expectancy. Being a responsible home owner will allow you to achieve this goal, something that involves knowing when to call in roofing experts in Norman such as Robbins Roofing to conduct necessary and immediate repairs.

  1. Shingle damage.

Because shingle-type roofs remain the most popular in almost all of America, you most likely have one such system installed. Once you notice signs of damage like curled, buckled, or clawed shingles, contact a roof repair service right away. The sooner you call them, the greater chances you have of only needing repairs. Delays will only cost you more money, as shingle replacements may already be in order.

  1. Bald areas.

Inclement weather is often to blame for blown-away roof shingles, slates, and tiles. You can still have these repaired, but you have to contact the experts right away. You will not have a hard time spotting these problems, since missing shingles, slates, and tiles present themselves in the form of bald spots on your roof.

Make sure you also check the valleys on your roof, since these play a major role in keeping leaks at bay. Once the components attached to them have sustained damaged or have gone missing, contact a roofing service as soon as you can or you put your roof at greater risk of developing leaks.

  1. Leaks.

Leaks are definitely some of your roof’s biggest enemies as they are difficult to pinpoint and can lead to water damage in your home. A very common sign you have a leaky roof is staining on your ceiling.

Never take these signs for granted, unless you want to end up buying a new roof sooner than necessary.