Your Business’ Display Booth: Ideas for Trade Show Success

Trade Show Display Booth

Trade Show Display BoothTrade show display booths compete for customer or foot traffic, and because of this, they need to have an effective design to get a high return on investment (ROI). So before you go and finalize your plan for the upcoming trade show, consider these.

Uniqueness is Key

You will need to invest both time and money in trade shows so if you’re going to spend top dollar, spend it on a display booth that will surely be noticed. Invest in a high-quality booth that you could re-use for several years. In addition, ensure that your booth is versatile, such that it can be easily altered to various sizes.

Demo your Services or Products

If applicable, exhibit your service or product during the trade show — like an infomercial. Your focus must not solely be on features, but more so on the value it could bring to people. Get your audience involved whenever applicable.

Take Advantage of Technology

In recent times, interactive touch screens and digital signages are necessary for audience impact, so incorporate these in your display. Likewise, consider proximity marketing — as your potential customers pass by your booth, present messages regarding your special offers through their phones to entice them to actually stop and see what you have to offer.

It’s All About the Swag

If you’re worrying about cost or promotional items, know that you don’t have to give everyone a great prize. You can invest in a mix of relatively affordable items and some big tickets. The big-ticket items must be a part of something interactive and fun — such as a special game for all those who come to your trade show display booth — and winners get them.

Staying Active on Social Media

While trade shows are physical events, this does not mean that your social media accounts can’t be used to further enhance marketing strategy. Being active on social media while doing the show will help you with connecting and resonating with all your target customers — those who didn’t make it and those who attended the trade show.

As you can see, pulling off a successful trade show means that you’ll have to plan out everything perfectly. Done right, it could be one of the most rewarding highlights of your business and could demonstrate real ROI.