Ways to Improve Web Design for Human Behavior

Web Design

Web DesignThe design of your website is gaining increasing importance when it comes to boosting conversion rates and user engagement. Web surfers have a slew of choices to find the information, products or services they need to answer their questions or solve their problems. Designing your site to cater to human behavior will give you a competitive advantage.

Leverage Habit-Forming Mechanisms

Denver’s C1-Partners.com claims that people are creatures of habit. A person relies on previous decisions and results to determine their next course of action. A savvy designer and site owner knows how to leverage habit-forming behavior to their advantage.

The mechanisms that lead to habits follow a process, which includes:

  1. A person hears or sees cues that initiate their reactions.
  2. An individual follows a procedure before making a decision or taking action.
  3. People get a reward whenever they follow a certain habit, thus reinforcing it.

When you integrate this process into designing your website, you have a better chance of getting a conversion and increasing high-quality traffic.

Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law cites that the more choices available, the longer it will take someone to make a decision. The problem with implementing this concept to design is that a lot of options make it difficult to make a choice or may even result in decision paralysis. However, you can counteract this and get the best of both worlds by adding a control feature in the user interface. One such way is to integrate a hover or rollover feature on certain items to display relevant choices for visitors. This provides users with the options they might be looking for without overwhelming them or sacrificing screen space.

Emotion-Based Design

Appealing to the emotions of a visitor works wonders for your brand because a person will likely return or convert based on what the site makes them feel. Some of the ways to achieve this include:

  1. Eye-catching visuals
  2. Discoverables
  3. Consistent design
  4. Customization of user experience
  5. Freebies

These concepts will allow you to achieve your business goals while providing your visitors with an appealing and enticing design.