Using Backlinks as an Effective SEO Technique


SEOBacklinks are integral to search engine optimisation. These links are directed to a particular website, and displayed on other pages. Generally, the more backlinks to your site, the higher the page ranking is. Backlinks are an indication of a site’s popularity and shows how other blogs, businesses or social media pages are willing to send traffic to your website.

High Quality Backlinks

The quantity of backlinks isn’t nearly as important as its quality. Search engines, particularly Google, prefer that sites linking back to your website are equally important or contain quality information. Their displaying your site in their pages goes to show they believe in the value of your page and won’t mind sending people – their regular readers or customers – your way.


Another important factor when it comes to backlinking is relevance. The more relevant the content related to your site, the higher the quality of the links when search engines analyse them. Therefore, a web page about herbs that displays your link to a gardening website will have more SEO value.


Search engines look at the trustworthiness of sites when it assesses backlinks. It’s not just a matter of a site’s popularity but if it is respected and offers high quality and useful information that people actually read. There’s a lot of manipulation when it comes to SEO Sydney strategies because people are scrambling for higher page rankings.

However, search engine ranking is no longer about how much traffic is generated by a site, but about the kind of traffic it attracts. Don’t make the mistake of being linked to sneaky sites that just focus on the numbers and offer no real value to consumers or readers.

Backlinks on Comments

Engaging people through issues is a big help when it comes to generating quality traffic. Commenting on other posts, then using the backlink feature should increase relevance and enhance your site’s quality and trustworthiness. Choose posts and content to comment on, then backlink.

Learning the importance of backlinks as well as how you can use them effectively should help boost rankings. However, backlinks, no matter how many they are, would not give outstanding results when you take quality for granted.