Understanding Facebook Post Reach

Social Media in MelbourneFacebook currently boasts over 1.23 billion active monthly subscribers. In addition, they have 757 million daily users and 945 million on mobile. This makes the network the biggest of its kind in the world in terms of participation.

It’s no secret that Facebook’s scope makes it a hot target for any social media agency. Not a lot of people understand what these professionals know, however. Take social media following, for instance. Most think that a page with plenty of likes or followers is successful. It isn’t.

It’s not about the number of followers, but the opportunity to engage with a page’s message. The concept of post reach comes into play.

Old School Tactics

Think of Facebook timelines as digital versions of a Melbourne suburb’s bulletin board. The ‘suburb’ is the individual or organisation which manages the page. Everything that gets posted on the timeline is free for everyone to see, even to those who don’t live in the area. Whenever an important announcement gets posted, what matters most is that its message reaches everyone it possibly can. Post reach numbers on Facebook are calculated when it shows up on a user’s news feed.

What marketers need to understand is that Facebook post reach involves various other concepts. For instance, there are two types of reach to focus on: organic and viral. Organic reach is what Facebook gives a page for free. All followers see a page’s updates because of this. Viral reach, on the other hand, refers to a post being seen because somebody else wrote something about it. Fans that like and share a post with their friends allow the latter to see the post, even if they’re not followers of the page.

Getting More People to See Your Message

If you’re seeing sub-par post reach, prepare for an uphill battle. Organic reach decline is common on Facebook. These things happen because the network implements several techniques to ‘improve’ on the quality of users’ news feeds. But if your posts see a lot of engagement, you’re more or less safe.

This is why quality trumps quantity in Facebook all day. Excellent content gets people engaged, prompting them to share it with their networks. This results in an extended reach, and even additional following.

Stop worrying about likes. Focus on whether your message reaches a good amount of people.