Social Signals: Marrying SEO and Social Media

Social Signals

Social SignalsBasically, social media signals refer to the views, shares, likes, pins, or votes individuals place on social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram etc. that filters out and are captured by search engines. Put simply, these indicate that people are talking about your business or brand.

Experts at Visitorz share that these can significantly improve your SERPs or search engine results page ranking since search engines see these social signals as real and trustworthy recommendations.

The Emergence of Social Media Signals

The rising use social networking websites to post and share information has definitely changed how people communicate, and these signals are considered as natural results from this shift in communication. According to research, netizens now visit specific websites because of friends’ recommendations instead of high page rankings.

Additionally, sites that are linked socially offer better conversion rates, as well as brand awareness and loyalty, resulting in more positive and truthful reviews, largely in part due to social media signals. And because social media just continues to flourish, consumers will increasingly refer to social media signals to help them in making service or product choices. So what does this all mean? Essentially:

  • Only the right or relevant signals can decrease bounce rates and generate increased repeat visits.
  • Signals coming from a single web page could also influence other pages in the same domain and improve SERP ranking.
  • Liking or voting pages could possibly take the place of backlinks, and the increased brand awareness create by social media signals can produce fresh inbound links and generate a cooperative effect that can improve a site’s SERPs.

How You Can Use Social Media Signals

If your brand doesn’t already have a presence in social media, now’s the time to step up. Create accounts on various social media sites and then publish awesome content. Never publish posts for publishing’s sake and instead, share unique content that your target audience will find helpful. Take time to engage your social media followers or connections via active discussions and comments, images, polls, contests, and videos.

Remember, many customers judge brands through their social media presence, so make sure that you post content that they can proudly recommend and share with others.