Save on Shipping Costs: 4 Things Businesses Need to Know

Shipping CostsOne of the problems of running an small to medium enterprise (SME) is the need for shipping a relatively smaller amount of inventory. For larger operations, the shipping can be negligible because of the bulk discounts on volume. For smaller businesses, however, it can add up to quite a pretty penny.

How do you entice your customers to buy from you through reduced shipping? Here’s how to make it work:

1. Use prepaid shipping

Don’t wait for an order to buy shipping. Invest on prepaid shipping, so you can save on their promotions and lower rates. Atom Logistics noted that a good parcel management company can give you the best deals as long as you know what questions to ask. Ask if they have packages for monthly shipping or special rates.

2. Buy insurance

Don’t leave inconvenient situations up to fate. You won’t know when these services fail and you’re left with losses due to damaged products or lost inventory. If you deal in costly items that go through shipping, you may want to add a small amount of insurance in every parcel. If you insure every package you ship out, the costs can go down considerably.

3. Use carrier packaging

It can be tempting to design elaborate packaging for your product — and you should give in. Make sure the packaging can fit into standard carrier materials. By using the carrier pouches and boxes, you can get discounts and be eligible for many other promotions.

4. Develop a good relationship with your shipping service

If you’re on better terms with your parcel management company, then they’re more likely to give you better rates. When something goes awry, they’ll bend over backwards to machete right so long as they keep you as their regular customer.

Cutting your shipping costs is a great way to entice more customers to buy from you and to grow your business. Use this short guide to get started.