Private Trading Server

Virtual Private Server Hosting has become a popular method for everyday and professional traders alike to ensure the security and stability of their autotrading environment. NeuroDimension, Inc. has teamed up with a reputable Virtual Private Server provider to offer a value-added solution to Trader68 for a 99.99% guaranteed uptime of your virtual environment and Internet connection!

All Virtual Private Servers are 100% Hardware Virtualization

With Hardware Virtualization there is no shared CPU (Processor) or RAM (Memory) with other virtual machines which allows for a more stable environment. Each hardware based Virtual Server (VPS) can install their own updates, and have virtually no limitations as to configuration. RAM and CPU usage is isolated and dedicated to each VPS, so there is never a conflict with another VPS. Each VPS comes ready with an installed version of Trader68 and Trader Workstation to help get you started that much quicker!

Each server is equipped with 2 Processors (CPU), 2GB of Memory (RAM) and the new Windows 7 Operating System. The power of these machines can perform everyday task such as autotrading all the way up to complex historical simulation runs in Trader68 - without tying up your personal computer resources!

Getting Started

Getting started could never be easier! Virtual Private Server's are available with an active subscription to either Trader68 Standard or Professional levels. Within Trader68 simply click on the New Subscription button and select one of Trader68's great subscription plans and then proceed on to Add-on Services and you'll see the option to sign up for the Virtual Private Server Hosting for $49.95 a month (billed quarterly or annually). Once completed, you'll receive an email with your own IP Address, user name and password to sign into the VPS. You'll then want to follow the instructions on Setting Up Your Remote Desktop Connection and if you have been actively using Trader68 on a different computer How to Move a Trader68 Database to a New Computer.

Setting Up Your Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a Windows-based application and installed with most Windows operating system installations. If you cannot locate Remote Desktop Connection in your Start > Program Files > Accessories > Communications menu then you may need to download and install it.

Once you have launched Remote Desktop Connection you'll enter the IP Addressinto the specified text field and hit the Options button.

You can save your password checking the box for Allow me to save credentials so you are not required to enter it each time you launch Remote Desktop Connection. Additionally, you can save a shortcut of the Remote Desktop Connection to your desktop by click on the Save As option. When finished simply hit the Connect button.

Upon connection, you'll be required to enter your Password.

If everything is entered correctly, you should be directed to your new desktop! If you experience any problems connecting to the Virtual Private Server please contact us.

How to Move a Trader68 Database to a New Computer

The Trader68 database resides in the Application Data folder for a specified user account. For example, with Windows XP it would be located:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USER NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\NeuroDimension

For Windows Vista & 7 users it would be located:

C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\NeuroDimension

Copy (CTRL+C) both of the Trader68 related directories and Paste (CTRL+V) them on a removable drive (i.e. USB Thumb Drive) OR if you have network access to the other machine Paste the directories in the same location on the new machine.

If you experience any problems with moving a Trader68 database please contact us.

For any additional questions or technical support please contact us.

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