Collective2 Order Writer

Trader68 Professional edition has a feature designed to help professional traders and advisors automatically publish their trading strategy's to Collective2. Trade executions can be sent from a custom signal application (.NET DLL) or from a licensed copy of TradingSolutions Real-Time.

It's easy to get started! Once you have setup where your signals will come from it is as simple as going through the New Account Wizard and entering your Collective2 email and password and finally choosing the system you want to generate signals for.

Trader68 includes numerous of other features including: back-testing, asset allocation, advanced stops and much more! For step-by-step instructions on how to setup Trader68 to publish signals to Collective, please refer to our Online Webhelp under Step-by-Step Tutorial > Setting up a Simulated Broker Account > Setup a Collective2 Order Writer.

NeuroDimension, Inc. unleashes Trader68, a free automated trading platform for Collective2 and TradingSolutions Real-Time.