TradingSolutions Real-Time

TradingSolutions will revolutionize your trading strategy by combining traditional technical analysis with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. TradingSolutions uses neural networks and genetic algorithms to learn patterns from historical data and optimize system parameters, allowing you to create highly accurate trading systems.

TradingSolutions includes many exciting features:
  • Free Trader68 Standard level for all TradingSolutions customers using the latest release.
  • Backtest complete portfolios of assets with the new Historical Simulation feature.
  • Unparalleled Market Support - TradingSolutions Real-Time supports Stocks, Futures, Indices, Currencies (FOREX), Mutual Funds and many other financial instruments for both U.S. and International markets.
  • FREE Real-Time Data Provider - Import and stream intraday data from Interactive Brokers with an open trading account.
  • Flexible System Creation - TradingSolutions Real-Time allows you to develop intraday neural network models, rule-based entry/exit systems as well as value predictions such as predicting the close 5-days in advance.
  • Advanced Model Optimization - Maximize the performance of your model by optimizing the neural network topology, learning algorithm, indicators and even trading style settings.
  • Fully Customizable - Automate certain features of TradingSolutions with the Automation SDK or add complex indicators/systems to TradingSolutions with the External Indicator SDK.
Close-up of the Portfolio View

TradingSolutions Real-Time makes a great compliment to Trader68's powerful automated trading technology. TradingSolutions models can be based on 1-minute bars, 4-hour bars, or any periodicity in between. Once you have developed and backtested your intraday models, you can auto-trade them using streaming data from Interactive Brokers, eSignal* and IQFeed* data services.

Schlumberger N.V. 1-Year Equity Curve VS. Buy/Hold Schlumberger N.V. Out-of-Sample Signals

*We have available discounted services for eSignal and IQFeed for TradingSolutions.

NeuroDimension, Inc. unleashes Trader68, a free automated trading platform for Collective2 and TradingSolutions Real-Time.