Collective2 Trading Systems

Collective2 monitors, tracks, and evaluates thousands of trading systems for stocks, futures, forex or options. Collective2 lets you act like a hedge fund manager. You can pick and choose various strategies to apply to your own brokerage account, and determine what percentage of your account to use for each strategy. If a trading system doesn't work as expected, you can discard it and find another.

Sifting through thousands of possible trading strategies can be a daunting task. That's why Collective2 provides a set of powerful free tools to help you find the trading systems that are right for you.

My Analyst page contains information on what other C2 users are trading. The Grid emphasizes more on numbers than pictures.
System Finder displays image views of systems.

Collective2 makes a great compliment to Trader68's powerful automated trading technology and is fully-compatible with C2's Generation 1.0 AutoTrading Technology. Visit for more information or to sign up for an account today!

NeuroDimension, Inc. unleashes Trader68, a free automated trading platform for Collective2 and TradingSolutions Real-Time.