Postcard Advertising: Why Direct Mail is the Way to Go

Direct Mail Advertising in Eagan

Direct Mail Advertising in EaganPromoting your business through various media helps get your name out there. You can do radio, television, or newspaper advertisements, and the list goes on. Of course, living in the digital age makes it easier for businesses to advertise.

But, the question here is: are you sure your advertisement is reaching your intended audience? You can use all of these to promote your business, but will you be able to get the audience’s attention every single time?

Consider postcards as miniature billboards. These are an inexpensive, but effective way to get your name across. Once you’ve got your postcards, now what? The UPS Store – Eagan, a company that offers direct mail services, suggests using direct mail to make it easier to appeal to your desired demographic.

If immediate attention is what you want, then postcards will work for you. Unlike other forms of advertising, these don’t require any unfolding or opening of envelopes. Also, direct mail marketing has a high response rate, outperforming digital advertising.

What makes postcard advertisement effective? Here are the basics:


Before you get too excited and start sending your cards to random homes, make thorough plans. You have to know who your target market is. Gender, income brackets, ages, and lifestyles are just some of the factors you should consider when choosing a place to promote your business.


Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Too much information would only overwhelm your audience. Remember, these things are like miniature billboards. Some people may go through their mail quickly and miss your ad, so make sure your messages capture their attention.

Catchy one-liners make pique people’s interest; use that to your advantage.


Visual clutter will work against you. Here are a few things to remember when designing your card:

  • Colors – Go easy on the colors. You wouldn’t want your audience to think they’re looking through a kaleidoscope. Make use of colors that are easy on the eyes. Colors affect your audience’s memory as well.
  • Images – Image-heavy postcards will only confuse your potential customers. Use photos that will entice your audience to keep reading. Blurry images won’t do you any good, and using negative stimuli, such as photos of angry people, will only bring about a negative response.
  • Typeface – You wouldn’t want to deter your readers, so think about readability.

Many factors contribute to the effectiveness of your advertisement. It’s not as simple as designing an ordinary postcard and sending it to everyone right away.