Online Store Advice: It is Not All about Technology

Online StoreNot all startups are about tech, but all startups could use a little tech to gain traction. One startup that is easy enough for anyone to start is an online store. When you do engage in this kind of business, refer to this list of reminders to help you keep on the right track.

Use tech but don’t make your business about technology.

An online store is not possible without technology, but you can’t make your business about technology. Indeed, it is about the products and the customer service. So remember that regular business rules apply to your store, even if it does not have the conventional setup of a brick-and-mortar shop.

The delivery system is part of the customer experience

A great product is more likely to have a good following. However, even if your product is great and customers love it, it can still benefit even more from a good delivery system. Everything from the packaging to the delivery time is crucial. Get great wholesale packaging from a trusted provider instead of trying to create your own. Do not try to profit off the packaging and delivery; just charge enough to cover their costs.

To make free delivery possible, add the costs to the price of the product. If the price of the product is high, however, see if it’s enough to cover those costs without adding them to the original price. If your profit margin is not affected by the costs too much, then give it as a bonus to the customer who would be happy to learn delivery is free.

Talk to a courier rep regarding possible discounts if you use them regularly. The most important part is delivering to the customer on time.

Use a combination of traditional and digital marketing

While your store is online and you can simply use a purely digital means of marketing, you can still benefit from traditional ways of promoting your store. You can have displays at a convention, billboards, commercials on the telly, and many others. The more people you reach with your mix of conventional and digital marketing efforts, the higher the likelihood of selling more of your products.

These are only a few of the things you should remember when you launch an online store. You will likely encounter and learn more learn down the road.