Is There Anything More to Promotional Items?

Tote Bag

Tote BagOn the surface, most of the products that we offer may seem like first level marketing tools. Lanyards, banners, caps, clothes, and tote bags – these are just some of the most common things companies give out with their logo on it whenever they host or participate in an event.

The Power of Promotional Items

These are known as first level tools because their only purpose is to spread awareness about the company from daily use of the items. These items don’t communicate any information about the company, such as who they are and what they do. The only thing people know when seeing first level tools is that this company exists, they have a logo, and they have tote bags. But, is that all there is to these tools?

A Caste Set Responsibilities

The people who say yes probably think of these tools as part of a system known as multi-channel marketing. This is a system wherein each tool is designated its own platform where it has a set of functions and goals. This is a straightforward and well-structured system that’s easy to manage and follow, but is also severely limited in a fast-paced world.

Business StrategyEverything is Connected

The people who see more potential in first level marketing tools are advocates of a new line of advertising system known as Omni-channel marketing. This is a relatively new operation that began to become popular with the rise of social media. It basically states that every tool in a company’s marketing program is linked, and businesses need to keep those connections clear and active.

We already touched on this a bit in an earlier post where we highlighted the importance of using promotional products alongside social media. Adopting an Omni-channel strategy not only gives a company a constant presence in their chosen markets, but also allows them to present an image of solidarity. When done right, Omni-channel marketers can present themselves as a competent institution that can boast reach without compromising control.

The products we offer are just a single part of what can become a complex marketing strategy, but the effect they have can be more significant than most people realise.

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