Facebook’s Dominance Down to the Minute

Social Media

Social MediaFacebook dominates the social media statistics. They have 1.5 billion monthly active users, 83 million fake profiles, five new profiles per second and many more. Recently, they also started to acquire non-social media entities and expanding their technological reach. It is not hard to see them become another Google, providing all-inclusive Internet services.

Far from being just a social site, the Menlo Park, California company defines online connection nowadays. Persons, businesses, organisations and groups are present with the network, talking, sharing and promoting. Daily users top 930 million, a convention of people 40 times the population of Australia. They are also geniuses in keeping a person’s attention fixed to them, too.

1 Out of 5

Facebook integrated itself in society so well that 1 out of 5 minutes a person spends in his smartphone is on their app or mobile website. Even when the company became public and ads started to show, it did not slow down the growth of the website.

Planet Facebook is not just a virtual country, it is a portal to people’s psyche, an important aspect in SEO. Perth and Western Australia, in fact, has 91% of the population active on the social network. This kind of concentration provides opportunities to reach more with less.

Mobile: Driving the Trend

Internet access is abundant; there is just no other term for it. Not only is Wi-Fi an attraction in every establishment, the devices itself can already provide access. With this in mind, Facebook put a focus on delivering mobile access. The kind of funds and reach available to them made it easier for them to prioritise mobile presence. As a result, 9 out of 10 FB users use or partly use it on mobile platforms.

No other social media network drives innovation like Facebook. By opening trade on the New York Stock Exchange, they solidified their status as the leading online services-based company. Three years on, they have diversified so much that they are now building a solar-powered Internet plane.

In the following years, Facebook will become something else and something else again until they become a cog in people’s lives. Even now in its 11th year of existence, it is already so vital to so many. The way they diversify, it is not hard to see how this virtual commodity can be a natural social tool.