Effective Hacks to Write SEO-Friendly Articles

SEO-Friendly Articles

SEO-Friendly ArticlesEven if you’re relying on other marketing strategies, organic ranking is one of the most credible, long-term and effective ways to cut it with your audience. The algorithms of the world’s largest search engine have changed to make way for more quality content and less keyword-stuffed rehashes.

Here are some hacks on writing powerful SEO articles that win it with both, the search engines and your audience:

Fishing for Topics and Content

You have your keywords but don’t know where to look for topics and content? The best places to find great material related to the niche you’re writing about are active forums. Lots of knowledgeable and well-informed people contribute great information on these platforms. You can also get to know the primary problems and concerns of your target audience and write articles that offer solutions to that. For instance, if you see a lot of people asking of natural anti-aging remedies on a skin/beauty forum, you know that’s the information people are actively seeking and write an article on it by incorporating keywords naturally.

Keep It Digestible

Know your target audience well, and write in a language that they can easily comprehend. Stay away from tedious jargon (unless you’re writing for a group of professionals that’s well-versed with them) that needs referencing back and forth. It breaks the flow of article. Keep your paragraphs short, add links to relatable examples, use sub headings and break large chunks of information into easy to understand concepts.

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Use Long Tail Keywords in the Copy

Long tail keywords in your blogs may not get you a large traffic, but they will almost always get you a laser targeted and relevant traffic. For instance “sofas New York” may not give you as much traffic owing to the competition as the highly targeted “teak wood day-bed sofas under $500”. Get the drift? Long tail keywords are also generally low competition, which makes it easier for you to rank for them on search. This strategy can drive plenty of relevant and targeted searches your way to offer you a higher ROI.

Keep looking for topics where your audience needs solutions and write interesting articles on it, while keeping the information easily readable and using long tail keywords.