Build a Trustworthy Website

Website Design in Utah

Website Design in UtahWith malware, phishing frauds, and security breaches, online users are now more cautious with their clicks. This makes it just as important to make your website trustworthy and instill a sense of credibility to your business. When people trust the information you present, they are less likely to abandon your site and go elsewhere.

Website designers in Utah share these tips on making your website trustworthy.

The Right Design

Online visitors would not feel comfortable browsing a website if it looks lousy and unprofessional. Focusing heavily on modern design elements is the best way to go, as it would not make the website cluttered. For a trustworthy design, concentrate on simplicity and don’t use impersonal stock images. Use a professional font style and ensure that your content does not have poor grammar.
You may also want to avoid:

  • Comic-sans font
  • Paragraphs in all caps
  • Dozens of colors
  • Broken links
The Updated Website

To ensure that people will continue visiting your website, you have to update the information provided. Go through your web pages and previous blog posts to ensure there is no outdated information that can confuse or mislead your visitors. You can try to include a sort of press page or press mentions on your site.

The Contactable Business

Visitors find it frustrating when a website makes it difficult for them to contact the business. Don’t make it hard for them to see your contact information, as they will think that your business is shady. Set up a contact form on your website and include phone numbers for customers to reach you. You need to make it easy for everyone to speak to someone from your company, so that their trust will grow.

If you want to increase your sales and build customer loyalty, make your website trustworthy. Give users an assurance that your business is reliable and a reputable brand.