Boosting Facebook Engagement

Social Media EngagementScience says that people can transmit visual content to their brains quicker than text — 60,000 times quicker to be exact — and most of what their brains process is basically visual stimuli. Not every image, however, is created equal. To boost social engagement for your Facebook page, consider these five tips for posting images.

  1. Real People Trumps Everything Else

First, determine these ‘real people’. Although you can certainly include photos of you and your employees, introducing your products or in events, etc., more often than not, you should post images of your customers and relevant social media influencers.

  1. Take Advantage of Lifestyle Images

Posting images of real people work well for Facebook posts because they’re simply interesting and just plain authentic, an expert from Sphere said. Think in terms of a lifestyle catalogue or lookbook, use your page for telling a story about your brand or offerings and ensure that these your images show how your offerings can be used for people’s different lifestyles.

  1. Faces Work Best

Why do faces matter in social media? Essentially, people are inherently and instantly drawn to faces. A marketing specialist from a digital media agency in Melbourne recommends that instead of posting big group shots, consider images that are zoomed in for maximum effect.

  1. Motivate Short and Sweet Responses

Ask simple and straightforward questions, or conduct a poll to increase the chances of engagement. Think about this, if you give your followers the chance to answer a question in under a minute, they’ll be more likely to actually answer since won’t feel hurried or stressed to formulate a proper response.

  1. The Power of #TBT

Everybody just loves reminiscing about what once was, hence the popularity of the #TBT or ThrowBack Thursday posts. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion — almost everyone has experienced it. Post your own #TBT images of your business or brand, and those related to your audience or offerings. You can also encourage the audience to post their own old photos on your Timeline, as long as it’s related to your product or services.

So consider these five ideas when posting images on your Facebook page. Note that every individual and business is different so you should test the ideas and then determine which ones will actually work for you. Additionally, use Facebook Insights so you can know more about your followers and how you can better appeal to them.