4 Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing in Ogden

Digital Marketing in OgdenNot all startups become the next Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. Most small businesses are self-funded and owners struggle to break even in their first year or two. If you own such a company, allocating your resources to improve the business is a must. With the advent of online marketing, you now have several cost-effective options that enable you to reach your business objectives.

Flex Targeting

Advertising agencies in Ogden and other parts of Utah say that small businesses can use the flex targeting feature on Facebook to maximize their resources. This enables users to target profiles that match two or more characteristics. By using this, you get to target ads to users who both shop online frequently and have a dog or other characteristics. This is an effective way to scale up your social networking campaign without increasing your budget.

Cross-Channel Remarketing

The usual remarketing strategy involves replaying the same ads on similar platforms, which a potential customer already saw. Cross-channel remarketing adds a different wrinkle to this tactic by showing a certain ad to potential consumers on additional platforms from the one they saw them originally. For example, if a visitor clicks on an ad but doesn’t convert; you can show similar ads to them on Facebook.

Mobile Focus

Mobile ads are less costly compared to their tablet or desktop counterparts. Focusing on mobile enables you to stretch your resources and convert at a higher rate because of a targeted approach.

Facebook Lead Ads

This Facebook feature enables you to offer your target market with more information about your services without leaving the site. If you are selling products, use this feature to create VIP mailing lists, offer deals and host newsletter sign-ups.

These are a handful of cost-effective online marketing strategies that enable you to allocate your resources effectively and reach your target market without going over budget.