3 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Piano

Piano Restoration

Piano RestorationYou cannot just throw an old piano away. For one, it is quite heavy to lift and dump somewhere. Besides, it is a beautiful work of art that deserves a second life.

As Oxford Piano Service says, pianos are built with a high level of craftsmanship. Apart from the music they create, pianos are great pieces of art. So, the first thing you must do with your old piano is to try to restore it. However, if your old piano is not really worth restoring at all, here are ways you can repurpose them:

  1. Turn Your Old Piano into a Wall Book Shelf

With the help of a wood builder, flip the piano vertically. Remove the strings, soundboard, lid, and the lid prop to build shelves within the piano. Leave the keys, as they will serve as the unique design of your new bookshelf. Place the piano against the wall with heavy screws. Just make sure that the shelf is fully secure on the wall.

  1. Transform Your Old Piano into a Cocktail Bar

Repaint the old piano, add glass elements to it, then put the finest liquors and shot glasses on top of it. You can add a storage shelf at the bottom of it or a rack for glasses on top of the lid. Not only that your new bar would be a great accent in your kitchen, but it would also be a good conversational piece.

  1. Convert Your Old Piano into a Garden Planter

Find a place in your garden where you can move the old piano. You do not really need to alter it; just take the top cover off and start planting on the hollow part of the piano. Surround the piano with other plants and flowers so that it will naturally blend with the garden.

With these ideas, you not only give your old piano a brand-new purpose but you are also able to pay homage to the artisans of your old piano.